We immediately answer the main question: How much does travelling to Malta cost? Little. If you are looking for a cheap destination for a weekend away from home, maybe when summer is long gone, then Malta is for you. If instead, the goal is a different place than usual for the summer holidays, Malta offers very competitive prices. Let’s see all the main items:

Flights to Malta

97% of tourists arrive in Malta by plane : Air Malta and Ryanair connect several Italian airports with the only Maltese Luqa airport throughout the year, other companies, like Volotea , offer some lines only during the summer. The Maltese national airline operates direct connections with Rome Fiumicino, Milan Linate and Catania, while the Irish of Ryanair connect 10 destinations throughout Italy. The prices between the two companies actually are not very different, in low season you can find a return ticket less than € 40 with little advance; in high season the price can vary from 100 to 250 € for a round trip,depending on the time of booking (with ryanair you can book up to 6 months in advance) and of the chosen dates. You can make a quick search on a flight comparator, we use Momondo, which is a comparator of comparators, so it offers very competitive prices.

Accommodation in Malta

Tourist resorts near the sea are more expensive than inland villages, and Malta is more expensive than Gozo. If you want to save money, in summer you can book an apartment, in winter the hotels offer very interesting offers. Sliema and St. Julian’s are the two most quoted places, but also those where the cost of living is greater. In the low season, the starting prices for an apartment or a hotel are respectively 35 and 25 €, in high season calculate at least double, around mid -August also triple. Hostels are convenient only in high season or if you travel alone.

Food and beverages

Eating in Malta costs incredibly little , especially when you leave the beaten track (Sliema and St. Julian’s): a fish dinner can cost € 25- € 30, to face a huge Maltese sandwich costs about € 5, and if you try specialities from roads like pastizzi or le pie, a couple of euros are more than enough. In Gozo it costs everything less: we paid for a buffet of barbecued meats, a paltry 15 euros, or huge rolls with meat for € 3.50. As for the bars, you can find a pint of beer for € 3 already in Valletta, in the rest of the island even in the middle. St. Julian’s and Bugibba have the largest concentration of bars on the island, so prices remain very competitive. Keep in mind, before ordering, that portions in restaurants can be very abundant: look around the tables.

Maltese transport

The public transport network is widespread and takes you everywhere, the important thing is not to hurry. For a weekend, a 1 2 Single Journeys Card is enough, essentially a 12-trip bus pass for € 15, which can also be used by more than one person. If you are aiming to stay for more than 5 days, then do the Explorer Card, for € 21. We talk more about bus subscriptions here: how they work, where to get them and how to use them.

Those who do not want to depend on bus timetables can rent a car on their own: in low season you can find very convenient offers, but even in high season, if you book in time, you could spend around € 30 a day. In this guide, you will find all our tips and a couple of useful contacts. The scooters can be hired easily, but they are expensive: 25 € calculated daily in summer.

Monuments and excursions

Tickets for monuments and temples do not cost much: we recommend spending € 10 for the Co-Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Malta, € 8 for the temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra, and € 5 for the Citadel of Victoria in Gozo.

It’s easy to take a boat trip to Malta: don’t miss the one in Comino, with its beautiful Blue Lagoon. The cost is around € 25 per person, but it varies depending on the services included and the places of departure: you can also spend a lot less on your own. More information can be found on our guide on how to go and what to do in Comino.

To conclude

Based on our direct and indirect experiences (friends and relatives), a trip to Malta, all-inclusive, can cost on average 100 € per day per person in July and August, and about half during the rest of the year. We say on average because prices vary a lot depending on the location and time of booking. If organized in time, a trip to Malta can be very cheap even in summer.

For any doubts or questions posted in the comments, we will reply as soon as possible!

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