From December 6, the holiday of the Spanish Constitution Day until the 9th to which it moves in some Autonomous Communities on the day of the Immaculate Conception, we will have four holidays to make a good getaway. That is why we are already looking for ideas for the December bridge using the proposals of our Road Partners. On any December trip, you’ll need the best wool socks for cold weather.

We always remind you: this section would be impossible if you did not count on your pages your trips and adventures, so if you have or know any page we have not yet included in Companions, contact us, and we will value your inclusion in next Sundays.

  • We start by heading to the principality of Asturias and once there we go to Cuidero or Cudillero, following the advice of Viajes Chavetas, which we recommend, what to see and what to do in such a beautiful town.
  • We continue to France, and during this getaway, we have time to head towards Toulouse. There we can discover the charms of the so-called pink city, thanks to the keys offered in Anden 27.
  • If by the time of the bridge, you are already thinking about Christmas, there is a place where you have been advanced. In Croatia, we can already see Christmas markets, thanks to the good photos of Zagreb that Miguel has made in Como at home anywhere.
  • Also within Europe, an interesting trip can be to travel Flanders in Belgium. If you want to stop in Antwerp, the advice and suggestions of The Green Pea will come in handy.
  • With Victor and Ana de Walking gluten-free, we go to Slovakia for a week. In their first installment, they tell us their passage through Vienna.
  • If you have more time, a very interesting trip, even farther away, is the one proposed in Vagamundos, which gives us the keys to enjoy in New Orleans, the city of three souls and voodoo.
  • The most romantic you can visit Cong, in Ireland, to know where the famous film of A Quiet Man or The Quiet Man was filmed with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in the main roles. My travel plans tell us where the best locations of the movie are.
  • If you do not want to leave Spain, you can enjoy a street art route in Madrid, on a tour that we propose in See you later MariPuri that will surely surprise you.

With all these travel ideas for the December bridge, we say goodbye until next Sunday in which in this section we will discover new corners of the world, told by you, so, once again we remind you that you can leave us here the URL of your articles.

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